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You do everything on your mobile phone. Why should ordering and paying be any different? Skip all the steps traditionally involved with the food ordering process. Enjoy your time, skip the line. Order and pay with Barkeep4U™.
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If we have to talk about ourselves...

Here’s what Barkeep4U™ can do


Do you like waiting when you know what you want, or dealing with cards and paper receipts? Neither do we... Avoid the line and enjoy your time.


Share your valuable time with others, and avoid intrusive transactional processes.


It’s a global, digitally-connected world out there. Find the hot spots that live in your mobile, digital lifestyle.

Are you a Merchant?

Barkeep™ Mobile provides enterprise software and solutions for the Hospitality industry, where individual customers can make secure purchases through a mobile app on their own device.

Your staff is there to serve and enhance your customers' experience. Avoid bottlenecks during busy ordering times. Your customers want payments and orders to be fast, easy and simple. So do we! Enable them with Barkeep™ Mobile.

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